MCJ is the family farm behind Pork to Fork. Located in the historical town of Ligonier, IN in Northeastern Indiana. It is a small community located just under 40 miles northwest of Fort Wayne. Ligonier is filled with Jewish heritage, and while once known as the marshmallow capital of the world, it is now known for its beautiful building murals and annual Marshmallow Festival each Labor Day weekend. In 1950, Eugene “Bud” Moser and his wife and high school sweetheart, Helen, began share-cropping with a man named Claude Loy. After more than a decade of share-cropping, the Moser’s purchased the farm from Claude in the early 1960’s, and began raising cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs on their own farm.

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Why pork to fork?

Our Mission

We specialize in raising the highest quality pork. Our pork is raised with no antibiotics, no hormones, and no feed by products

Support Local

Each pork product we offer is raised on our own family farm

Less Waste

By buying local, you know where your pork came from. Which ensures the highest quality. Each year much pork is lost due to mishandling by the warehouses and suppliers of grocery stores

Easy Process

We make the process easy to get pork to your fork with 3 easy steps: Order from us, pick your cuts, pick up your meat.

What our customers say

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