Deposit Only - Beef and All Processing

Deposit Only - Beef and All Processing

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We have simplified the process to get beef to your fork. We schedule the beef with the processor. The Processor(Feders Meats, Huntertown, IN) will reach out to you soon after we deliver your steer to discuss processing. Once they are finished processing your meat they will then again give you a call to let you know when to pick up your meat.

You are getting- a quarter, half or whole side of beef delivered to Feders Meats Huntertown, Indiana on the date on this product. 

Estimated weights are as followed

- quarter side - 150-200#
- Half side- 300-400#
- Whole - 600-800# 

- Processing for the beef  including packaging. Processing includes any and all cuts of meats.

Current price including all processing fees is $3.40/pound based off the hanging weight  

NOTE: The deposit you are paying now is non refundable to hold the slot. This deposit will be applied to your final bill due to us once the beef has been dropped off to the butcher and we get a final hanging weight back